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Innovation is like a spark that appears after a number of right questions have been asked.
Innovation is a brief glimpse into the future, whereby we can actually visualise what we will invent.
Every innovation starts with a small idea, like the first spark lights up a fire. Ideas are not confined to one location or one mind.
The oldest wooden wheel in the world was found in Slovenia and is about 5,000 years old. It is not known when, where, and who, invented the wheel, but it definitely changed the world forever.


Due to energy awareness, the log house industry introduced composite walls – logs with added insulation. That is why we designed AluWood, a thermal insulation product. It consists of a 2cm thick wooden plank that isolates equally as well as 15-20cm of mineral wool. AluWood works on the same principle as a thermos bottle and the isolation used in aeroplanes. There is no heat accumulation or heat transition delay, so AluWood is much better compared to existing insulation in summer months. AluWood can be used for reconstruction work or for new buildings.


Existing ready-made three layer parquets are about 12mm thick. TopWood is a wooden lamella of 2-3mm massive wood without tongue and groove on the side. We simply added a thermoplastic under structure material ‘ReleaseGlue’ that supports the wooden lamella over the entire surface. The product comes ready to install, with glue already applied, so that only the wax paper needs to be removed. Installation is simple – just like sticking big stickers over old, existing floors.

Height adjustment of lamella edges is carried out with an induction tool.


Modern parquets are multifaceted and rarely renewed by sanding. New adhesive ‘ReleaseGlue’ allows replacement of individual damaged lamellas.