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We study, plan, draw, design and construct houses, spaces and ambience. Our designs reflect aesthetical, functional, technical, sustainable, affordable, environmental and social considerations. It is then the heart that transforms the house into a home.The best architecture is that which fulfills its purpose, is appreciated and is restored by future generations because of its values.

House Kranjska gora

Type: Private Cottage
Location: Kranjska gora, Slovenia
Design and Construction: 2013-2014

A brick-built house with Siporex insulation had stood on the site since 1971. The investor bought the house because of its beautiful location next to a stream, the appropriate size of the house and land, its close proximity to the old town, and the view of the ski slopes. However, the interior of the original house did not meet the investor’s requirements.

The new house has been designed with a ground floor living space with a fireplace and view of the slopes, a dining room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. A staircase leads to the upper floor where there is a living room with dining area, featuring a cathedral ceiling. There are also bedrooms and a bathroom on the upper floor. The wooden house was built by the Rubner Haus company using spruce timber and insulation made from natural materials. The facade of the first floor, as well as all window frames and doors, are made of larch wood.

House Pohorje

Type: Private Cottage
Location: Pohorje, Slovenia
Design and Construction: 2011-2012

The house stands on the Pohorje plateau and offers broad open views. The main living area, comprising kitchen, dining, and living areas, is an open space and boasts a cathedral ceiling with a glazed wall facing the setting sun. The upper bedrooms open into a gallery space. The entire house was built by Rubner Haus, using spruce wood and insulation from natural materials. Heating is provided by a heat-accumulating Tulikivi fireplace, while ALU/aluminium foil floor-heating ensures maximum comfort.


House Nova vas

Type: Private Residence
Location: Nova vas, Slovenia
Design and Construction: 2009-2011

The private investor, enchanted by the qualities of wood, opted for a log house in this small village. Its location offers beautiful views. The use of glazing in the main floor space, and the living and dining areas, provides views of the surroundings and the Julian Alps with Mt. Triglav in the distance.The front porch faces the owner’s old house which stands on the property. The house was built using Finnlamelli 202x260mm laminated logs.


House Zaka

Type: Private Cottage and Residence
Location: Bled, Slovenia
Design and Construction: 2009-2012

This house, originally built in 1905 on the west side of Lake Bled on a slope beneath the railway station, was extended and renovated in 1978. It was used as a residence and partially as a B&B. In 2008 its owners decided to renovate the house and turn it into a cottage. Extensive renovation works were carried out throughout the house. The basement, the front end of which opens into the garden, was turned into an apartment, and consequently, there is now a separate apartment on each floor. The investors wanted to have an outside space on the second floor; therefore a wide balcony was added to provide ample space for furniture. The house has been reverted to its original style with an exposed German wood frame within the top-floor exterior walls.


House Zgoša

Type: Private Residence
Location: Begunje, Slovenia
Design and Construction: 2006-2007

This old brick house, originally built around 1935, and partly renovated in 1970, was subject to extensive renovation in 2006. The ground floor with living room, study and dining room, all open directly into the garden and each has unimpeded access to light. The upper floor is designed with roof windows which, through an open stairway, help illuminate the inner core of the previously dark house.The overall dimensions of the house have not changed; nevertheless more light creates the feeling of a much bigger house. Throughout the ground floor, sliding doors give an impression of larger rooms.

Footbridge – Ljubljana

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Competition: 2012

An architectural competition was held to design anew footbridge across the Ljubljanica river between the fish market and Gerber’s staircase. When thinking of a footbridge that is integrally connected with Gerber’s staircase, the architect Jože Plečnik’s key setting could not be ignored. The footbridge is a kind of counterpoint to the stairwell. The extension of the bridge under the same angle as the staircase provides a shortcut in diagonal lines crossing the river and focuses openings on Gerber’s staircase, as well as the entrances to the river port and a bar (Makalonca) . The fish market, by neutralisation of perspectives, emphasises the tripartism of Gerber’s staircase, with a very strong concept of perspective as the staircase’s key counterpoint.

The bridge is designed as a thin and light platform (special concrete with an emphasis on thinness), which does not block the views towards the Three Bridges and Šuštarski bridge, neither from the river embankments nor from the river level. The proposed shell is made of new material “MasaRoca” and iron mesh on polystyrene core. Such a lightweight construction is pre-fabricated at another location along the river and easily transported on the river to the point of installation.

The railing is made of melted glass that is stronger and more suitable for use in a public place than tempered glass. Slight dulling of the surface creates the appearance of water. The glass railing was used as a conductor of light to illuminate the walking surface.