About us

Orbipark Engineering LTD was founded by Andrej Čufer and Nives Čorak in 2000. The company focuses on architectural design, urban planning, furniture design and innovation.
In architecture we specialise in wooden construction (over 50 designed buildings) and renovation of residential buildings. In innovation we cover a wide field from new building technology to tunnel safety and blowout technology control.
Orbipark provides project quality at all stages of work, with a team of architects and an established network of external experts and collaborators.

Nives Čorak Degree in Architectural Engineering (univ.dipl.inž.arh)
During her studies in 1984 Nives received 1st prize in the Annual Poster Design ‘European Architectural Students Assembly’ in Aarhus, Denmark, 3rd prize in the architectural competition ‘Maribor Housing Development’ in 1987, and for her thesis work in 1988 she received the Student Award ‘študentska Prešernova nagrada’ for the ‘Maribor – Architecture Guide’. Nives moved to Toronto in 1989 where her work in architectural practices involved educational and residential projects. Later, as a Visual Resources Curator, she attended annual Visual Resources Association conferences in the USA. In 1996 she lectured on ‘The Implications of New Visual Resources Technologies’, at the ‘International Symposium on Book and Paper Conservation’ in Ljubljana. In 2000 Nives returned to Europe and focused her career on the design of residential and commercial projects and renovations in urban and rural environments. She is a member of the Association of Architects Maribor – DAM.

1962            Born in Maribor, Slovenia
1981-1988   Architectural studies at the University of Ljubljana,
                    Faculty of Architecture
1982-1984  Graphic design, Studio Vipotnik, Ljubljana
1989-1991   Apollonio Nightingale Quigley Makrimichalos Cugini,
                    Architects/Planners, Toronto
1991-1992   Shiela Stanway Design Inc., Toronto
1992-2000   John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape,
                    and Design, University of Toronto, Toronto
1995            Guest critic at the 2nd year ARC Studio,
                    Faculty of Architecture, University of Toronto
2000            Orbipark Engineering Bureau, Begunje

Andrej Čufer Degree in Architectural Engineering (univ.dipl.inž.arh), MBA
Andrej has focused his career on creating architecture that combines innovative and environmentally responsible design. He covers a diverse range of fields and is recognised for his creative and comprehensive response to the unique characteristics of individual projects. Fire and tunnel safety have been his challenge since 1995. He annually participates and collaborates at conferences such as: International Tunnel Association – ITA, International Water Mist Association-IWMA and International Road Federation – IRF.


1963             Born in Jesenice, Slovenia
1983 -1995   Architectural studies at the Faculty of Architecture,
                     University of Ljubljana
1986 -1995   Freelance graphic designer and industry photographer
1995 -1997   Agora, Ljubljana
1997- 2000   AKA PCB, d.o.o. Lesce
2000             Orbipark Engineering Bureau, Begunje
2003             MBA studies at the IEDC Bled School of Management